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We're hiring environmental justice educators
- no formal experience required!

“[Lodestar] made me realize that as citizens we should do a better job in knowing what is hazardous to our community and how can we keep the environment as safe as possible.”


- Summer Youth Participant

Lodestar is a locally owned curriculum development and community education organization that aims develop the city of Flint by providing unique, quality, place-based educational opportunities.


 Our services include:

- Flint soil testing

- Free webinars

- Apprenticeships

- Active learning courses


Education is often too broad and misses opportunities to connect with how and where we live. Education that is relevant to the community can empower people to advocate for the changes they would like to see. The community members, more than anyone else, can best tell you what matters to them and how they can best be served. 

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Mission & Vision


Lodestar aims to foster the development of a learning society by providing quality, place-based education for Flint community members at every stage and age of life. We aim to develop knowledgeable, self-sufficient, critical thinkers who will work to collectively develop themselves and their community. 


By engaging teachers, parents, other community members, and youth in rigorous methods of inquiry, each group of individuals can reach their full potential and share that potential with their community. The Flint community is rich with resources and opportunities for learning and advancing one's self. If individuals are trained to seek and utilize these resources they can leverage their own abilities to reach their full potential and intern the potential of the entire community. Learning happens outside of the classroom and should be intentional, and driven by the learner and community interests. All of the components of the community can work together, providing support for the betterment of the whole, but all members must be engaged.

Our Mission


Lodestar's current programs include cooking and food canning classes, training on testing for toxins like lead and arsenic in your yard and garden, home economics and much more.

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Lodestar addresses the economic needs of the community by providing:

  • Workforce development

  • Education for adults

  • Community members engaged as classroom aides and research assistants to educators

  • Support for community members to complete education requirements while gaining knowledge and skills in youth development and education 

Lodestar, Delivered

Interested in working with Lodestar to bring unique and impactful programming to your group? Contact us today!

We consult with Church Groups, Community Centers and other Youth Organizations to create individualized curriculum.

We Need Your Support Today!

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