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We're hiring environmental justice educators
- no formal experience required!


Lodestar helps to educate our community by providing a curriculum that addresses issues and topics that are important to the Flint area. We pull from a pool of community leaders, business owners, and knowledgeable adults who can act as mentors and teachers. A civic engagement component is always included in our curriculum so students have the opportunity to get out into the community and share their knowledge.

Lodestar Learning is not extracurricular. It can serve as a core piece to a full education. We engage individuals in relevant scientific research practices and discourse based in a community relevant curriculum.


Our curriculum:


  • Is locally relevant

  • Meets Michigan state education standards

  • Provides real-world experiences

  • Uses the entire community as a classroom

Give us your input! We want to hear from you.

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Environmental and Community Wellness 

Environmental Science

Applied Math


Soil Testing


Public Health



  • EBAYS Soil Investigation

    • Health & Environmental Impact

    • History & Environmental Justice

    • Geography 

    • Geographical Research Methods​

  • Gardening

    • Seed Germination & Life Cycle​

    • Composting & Soil Composition

    • Garden setup, Maintenance & Plant Identification

    • Harvesting & Seed Propagation

  • Nutrition & Cooking - Coming Soon!​

To learn more about our soil curriculum click the video above.

Arts and Culture

Language Arts




  • Poetry and Social Movements

  • Media and Social Influence

  • Poetry and Media Workshop

  • Foundations of Visual Art

  • Art 101 - Coming Soon!

Capital, Finance, and Personal Development

Job Development 

Life Skills

  • Learning at Home & College Preparation

  • Educator Training Sub Courses

  • Career Exploration: Finding your Focus and Purpose - Coming Fall 2021

  • Resume and Job Search Bootcamp- Coming Fall 2021

  • Credit 101 - Coming Soon!

  • Personal & Home Finance Management - Coming Soon!

“[Lodestar] was an eye opener for me because I never had much interest in science. This program introduced me to research and I am now intrigued in science.”


- Summer Youth Student

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